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Farmhouse Dairy Somerset is a family farm of five generations, We are dedicated to producing and bottling high quality milk from our cows in Somerset to shops, offices, restaurants, pubs and cafe's.

We are proud to be pasteurising our milk on farm reducing food miles further, We care about the environment so all our products are fully recyclable including lids.

For Retail enquires please email


You can find our milk locally in all good local retailers including Mendip Pantry, Lye cross farmshop, premier stores Timsbury and Meadgate farmshop. And can be enjoyed in many local coffee shops, resturants and pubs locally, who all share our love for good quality free range milk with almost no food miles!

Traditional Milk

Our milk is fully pasteurised and unhomogenised which people say tastes how traditional milk used to be. With the benefit of it being local free range milk.

We can offer semi, whole and skimmed milk in 1 litre bottles and 2 litre bottles and double cream in either 300ml plastic or glass options . For retail enquires Please email 

Farmhouse Dairy Somerset

Traditional family farming

Farmhouse Dairy Somerset have been farming in Somerset for 5 generations. Our farming methods have not changed much as we like to farm traditionally.


We are proud to produce top quality free range milk.

Pedigree Jersey Cows

The Jersey is a British breed of small dairy cattle from Jersey in the British Channel Islands. They are highly productive and can give over 10 times their own weight in milk per lactation. Alongside our Jersey cows, we also have Ayrshires and a few mixed breed cows.