Frequently asked questions

How do I order a doorstep delivery?

We are not currently taking on new customers with doorstep delivery.

When would my milk be delivered?

Currently, our delivery days are Tuesday and Friday, from 4:30am to 3:00pm. This may change as we expand and we may be able to tell you a more precise delivery time depending on your area. We try not to accept new or changes to deliveries, within two days before the next delivery day.

What if I want to cancel, amend or take a break from my order because I am going on holiday or other reasons?

You can tell us by logging into your account here. Or by email (farmhousedairysomerset@gmail.com). We kindly request that you leave two days before your delivery to tell us about any cancelations or amendments.

Is the milk fully pasteurised and safe to drink?

Our milk is fully pasteurised and is unhomogonised. This means the cream is not mixed together with strong jets. It is left more traditional which is why lots of customers say the milk tastes how it used to. Therefore, it may not have as long a shelf life once opened as milk you may buy in the supermarket.

What do I do if my milk or produce hasn't been delivered by the end of the day?

Please let us know about any lack of deliveries because we may have delivered to the wrong house! Please email farmhousedairysomerset@gmail.com. We would be grateful if you let us know extra delivery instructions and we will redeliver as soon as possible.

What shall I do if I am worried about my milk being left out in the sun?

If your doorstep is particularly sunny or you are worried that you won't be in, we advise leaving out a cool box for us or notifying us of a shady place you would like it to be left. You should receive a notification upon delivery as we don't knock on all doors due to hygiene reasons during COVID 19.

I still have a question

If we havn't answered your question, please contact us at farmhousedairysomerset@gmail.com or on Facebook messenger.